First Week Underway!

We wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone for such a smooth first day of practice! The girls put in incredible effort in the pool and worked hard to maintain safety throughout their whole practice. We are excited to see that in practice and hope they are maintaining those same practices outside of swimming! Thanks for supporting us all in this.

A couple reminders along those lines:

- Please have the girls arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of their practice, but not earlier. They need to wait outside until we (any coaches) open the doors, even if someone else opens it.

- We apologize, but there are no bathroom/locker rooms available during practice. Girls need to try their best to come to practice with all of those aspects taken care of (we understand if that isn't always possible and "emergencies" are needed).

- Since we cannot have any sharing of personal equipment, it might be a good idea for the girls to have backups with them. Snagged suits, torn caps, and broken goggles can happen anytime!

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