Junior Varsity and Varsity Pods

Sorry for the delay in getting this information out this weekend! We want to say again how incredibly proud we were of all the hard work and effort to maintain safety throughout this past week. We know this is a challenging season and it literally could not happen without all of the support and buy-in from the team...and parents! 

Here are the updated pods, starting tomorrow August 24th. There will be an updated schedule as well, to better accommodate the needs of all swimmers. The Varsity pod will be Monday-Friday (some Saturday mornings) from 4:00 - 6:00. The Junior Varsity pod will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:10 - 7:10. As usual, swimmers are expected to arrive suited and ready, 10 minutes before the start of their pod practice! Varsity swimmers will be expected to read and sign a Varsity Team Pledge this week; more information to come during practice.

Please reach out with any questions. This has been a very challenging task for us, something no coaching team wants to have to do. We are so excited for the time when we can be back together as a whole team...IN OUR NEW POOL!!!

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