Weekly Preview 9/7

Good Afternoon!

We hope everyone got to safely enjoy their long weekend with their families; the weather was beautiful for outdoor adventures! We have a short, sweet, and busy week ahead of us. We wanted to touch base on a few important reminders. Thanks again for all the support!

- COVID Protocols at Meets (and practice): This was a big learning experience last week and we have a lot to be reminded of, and address as a team this week. We will have a clear discussion with the team throughout the week but here as some major points to remember. We want to reiterate again that we know everyone wants this season to happen, SAFELY, and that it is going to take work from everyone to keep that going.

  1. Athletes NEED to stay 6 feet apart at all times. This needs to be self-monitored within the team and cannot only be on the coaches to redirect. There will be designated markings and chairs at meets, to show where that 6-foot distance is.
  2. Swimmers and divers are REQUIRED to wear their masks correctly at all times (bus, pool, outside), except for immediately prior to entering the pool for their swim/dive. The mask then needs to be put back on immediately after they exit the pool. This also means athletes cannot be walking around eating and drinking. It needs to be a safe, isolated area where they can temporarily remove their masks.
  3. There are no locker rooms for changing and bathroom use is to be kept at a minimum, individual emergency use only. 
  4. No sharing of equipment, apparel, food, water, or PHONES.
  5. Athletes cannot be at the ends of the lanes or clumped together cheering. Cheering needs to be done distantly, from the designated team space and always 6 feet apart.

- Booster Meeting Wednesday September 9th at 7:30-8:30, location TBD. This will also be held virtual, but we will send out more info on a possible outdoor location in the event invite. If anyone has not reached out about boosters and are interested, let us know!

- Schedule this week:

  1. Tuesday September 8th Away Meet against Simley. Be at Heritage at 4:20 for the bus tomorrow. We are finalizing the roster and lineup today and will email that out tomorrow. Reminder, all 5 divers are competing tomorrow, which means we will only be bringing 20 swimmers to the meet tomorrow. 
  2. Thursday September 10th Away Meet against North Saint Paul. Be at Heritage at 4:05 for the bus on Thursday. We will be finalizing that lineup throughout the week as well and will give updates as soon as we can.
  3. Wednesday/Friday regular practice. Varsity practice 8:00-10:00 Saturday morning.
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